The Neat Kit Shop is a base for our new mail order company that makes and sells hand made sycamore breadboards engraved with family and corporate

names, events and messages – a 100yr enduring, useful, creative and artistic gift. A web presence will be created as soon as possible www.neatkitshop.com

– the shop will be ‘old-fashioned enough’ to be staffed to respond to incoming telephone and email enquiries for assistance with information and orders

We have been ‘sparked’ into action by new youthful and creative inspiration fuelled by technology – I have to say many product ideas come from my ‘gang

of 4’ grandchildren on a more or less continuous basis. If fact the shop is named after one of the gang KIT and the compliment paid by FELIX

another of the ‘gang’ when he told me it was a ‘NEAT’ idea.

The ‘gang of 4’ are

ROSE              Product design & development

FELIX             Audio/visuals & communication

KIT                Crazies – merchandise selection

DILLON         Music & customer relations

Available in the shop and on-line is a range of products that we have pulled together into a small but I hope interesting collection. The products, still not

all in stock, we have grouped into what we hope is a logical sequence:

Wood and Wool – things that interest us in Cumbrian and North West England regional craft skills

Tools and Gadgets – things that work in all places but are engineered mainly for outdoor activity

Food and Drink and goodies – things that are or work well with food and drink

Crazies and New Bits – things that make us laugh and things that we have found for the first time – and may also be new to you

Most of the things we sell are made by small producers or if made by larger producers are what we think are the best available. Many things we make

ourselves our have made exclusively and our particular interest in rural skills and crafts is shown in the wool and wool product ranges. ‘Tools’ are the neat things that that look good and are useful. ‘Food and Drink and Goodies’ – does

not intend to make us into Caterers even though I have spent most of my working life cooking for money – but are mainly specialities that we know are

good and are postable. ‘Crazies’ (mostly from far distant lands) are just some of the funny ‘thrifty’, ‘gifty and nifty’ things on the market that may be new to

you – all have to be amusing.

Neat-Kit brings together many things that interest me and some (or all) may interest you


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